Remember the closet of Hannah Montana we drooled over while we were young? The glistening collection of a variety of clothes, footwear, and accessories beautifully organized in rotating wardrobes?

Almost every girl dreams of a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories

It is every girl’s dream to have a ravishing wardrobe full of clothes to make her look all decked up and pretty.


For those who are rich, being trendy is an easy taste, but remember, smart selection of clothes in your wardrobe can make you a style diva in seconds if you have the mind to look like one!
We have some tips ready for you regarding some necessary pieces of clothing every girl who wants to be fashionable must possess. Here we go:

1. A fitted black dress

A stylish LBD for all occasions!

A befitting black dress, or popularly called little black dress (LBD), will take you from office to a date with some smart addition of accessories only. Make sure it fits you right, and you’re good to go. Oh, also, black makes you look thin!

2. Classy fitted black pants

black pant
Fitted black pants can be paired with almost anything

A pair of black trousers/pants that are well-fitted will complement any top/tee/shirt that you wear and will gradually become your best friend on every occasion.

3. A crisp white shirt

white shirt
White shirt is an absolute must-have!

Not just a savior in any meeting giving you a business look, a crisp white shirt goes with pencil skirts, black pant, and black blazer. Want to impress your crush during the class presentation? Or attract your colleague who sits beside you in the office? A crisp white shirt gives you just the right sexy look you need.


4. Few stylish shrugs and scarves

Colorful scarves & shrugs immediately perk you up!

Make sure you have some happy-go-lucky stylish shrugs and colorful scarves that will augment any tee/top you wear.

5. Blue denims

denim jeans
A pair of blue denim jeans is your best friend

Blue denim jeans and shirts are must-haves in every girl's wardrobe. You could wear anything over blue denim jeans, especially a plain white tee (V-necked preferably)—a deadly combination.
Also, you may wear your blue denim shirt any way you want to; fold it into a crop top, tuck it inside your jeans, etc. Looks classy every way!

6. Sexy jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a potent combination of style and comfort!

Is it a girls’ day out? You wouldn’t have to think a second time with a sexy jumpsuit in your wardrobe. The good thing about jumpsuits is that they would work for every occasion: for a party, a formal meeting, or an outing. Accessorize in the right way and you’re in for perfection!

7. Shorts for fun outings

Shorts are fun!

Shorts are again must-haves, especially during hot summers. Wear them below shirts/tees/crop tops/tank tops, and you'd look as hot as the summer (sorry, not sorry).

8. Tees of various colors

colorful tees
Add colors to your wardrobe

These are for the days when you feel you have absolutely nothing to wear. TaDa! We got an amazing combination for you. Put on a casual loose tee of any color on a blue denim and you're perfectly ready!

Buy different tees from different brands and of various colors, as many as you want. They'll supplement you on any casual outing and would work on all types of jeans/shorts. Make sure the tees are loose and comfortable.


9. Leather jacket

leather jacket
Get sassy!

A leather jacket is an essential layering piece of clothing that instantly metamorphoses anything into a cool outfit. They are classy and badass and would go on top of dresses, tops, shirts, t-shirts, etc.

10. Pencil skirt

pencil skirt
A sleek pencil skirt gives you the perfect look

A must-have for all formal meetings; a sleek pencil skirt would be fit for all sorts of upper wear from a formal shirt, a loose-fitted top, and crop top to a tee with a leather jacket or a sweater with a scarf on.

11. Denim jacket

denim jacket
Reach out for denim jackets in any season

Like your favorite pair of denim jeans, a denim jacket goes along with possibly everything.  You may work them on cool summer nights, cold winter days, or just as an extra layer when the weather turns a bit colder.

12. Black blazer

You cannot do without a classy black blazer

A black blazer again is a classy formal combination with lots of options: palazzo and a top, dresses, formal shirts, straight pants with a tucked tee, and a scarf. It also gives a sophisticated business look on formal occasions.