Don’t you get conscious when you have to repeat the same shirt again and again, especially around your stylish friends? You can’t possibly buy a new shirt every time you have to go out. But you surely can add a bit of flash or color to the same shirt and give it a new look. How, you ask? Simple, by using detachable collars!

The what and how of detachable collars

Detachable collars have dominated the neck game for the past few seasons. These are trends du jour. You might have been hearing about these collars a lot lately. Why not? After all, they have been making waves at fashion runways! Besides making their appearances on brand runways such as Next, Bershka, Forever 21, and New Look, they are now beach, date, and office approved. Isn’t it exciting? These detachable collars not only add color to your simple shirt but also immediately uplift your entire dress.


So, if you are going for a party and cannot decide on the perfect neckpiece to go with your shirt, or if you want to add a bit of flash to your plain ol’ shirt, detachable collars come to your rescue! These fun collars can help you get the look of a (corporate) professional or a quirky fashionista, depending on the type of collar you choose to add to your shirt.

The what and how of detachable collars-

1. Straight collars

Straight collars are popularly called as basic shirt collar

Straight collars are a perfect answer to your lazy Monday mornings. Add this basic shirt-type collar to your white blouse, and pair it with your pencil skirt. Bang! You are ready to conquer the world (well, at least your Monday blues). And guess what? These figure-friendly collars slim down the neck area!

2. Peter pan collars

peter pan
Peter pan collars are known for their semi-formal appeal

Royalties such as Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie have been spotted wearing dresses with peter pan collars. We are sure you don’t need any more recommendations to buy these edge-rounded collars! They go perfectly with button-down blouses. If you find them a tad semi-formal, accessorize them further by adding soft sexy laces to the edge of the collars.


3. V-neck collars

v neck
V-neck collars give you a sophisticated look

No, before you brand them boring and practical, hear us out! These v-neck collars have been remodeled with all sorts of ornaments, beads, and even real gemstones (Hint: Givenchy’s Swarovski fake collar, which was presented at the 2016-2017 Autumn Collection!). These collars are perfect for dresses, as well as shirts. V-neck collars come in a variety of colors and immediately boost the look of your outfits.

4. Turtleneck collars

Turtleneck collars are known for their high-knitted appeal

Turtleneck (also known as polo neck, roll-neck, or skivvy) collars come in a variety of fabrics. There is one for every season; you can use knitted ones under your sweaters for a cozy look. The light cotton ones can be paired with blazers and trousers for a formal look. Team up these collars with sleeveless dresses for a modern look! They make a fashion statement just by sitting around your neck.

5. Sailor collars

Sailor collars are quite in vogue

Inspired from the US Navy uniform, sailor collars are en vogue for their double square and middle v-necks! The best part is that you can always play with the image. For instance, you can tie a small scarf under your collar to give it a modern look. It can also be paired with puffy summer skirts and loose blouses. Put on your white sneakers with it, and you have your perfect summer outfit!

6. Mandarin collars

Mandarin collars give the shirt a structured fitting

Mandarin collars are inspired from the common stand-up cheongsam collars; these are known for their standing appeal. These collars give shirts and blouses a close fit as they are squared or curved in the middle.

7. Flat collars

Flat collars are easy to play with and accessorize

These type of collars are usually criticized for being plain. But the fact is, flat collars are the best options to play with if you want a stylish look. They fall flat on the dress or shirt line; you can easily attach a statement neckpiece beneath these collars.

8. Bertha collars

Bertha collars immediately uplift your everyday look

These Victorian-era collars are favored by many royal families because they represent sophistication. Pair them with one of your evening gowns, and your casual outfit would turn into something very fancy!


9. Jabot collars

Jabot collars add the extra oomph to your outfit

These collars are a must if you love laces and the old world charm. Jabot collars are designed to create ruffles from the square fabric. They go perfectly with v-necklines. Pair these collars with your office attire for an uber chic look. You can also glam up your cocktail dresses using them.