Scarves are all the rage this season! They have been cropping up in designers’ recent collections. Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Versace have given these silk squares a high-fashion retake. These delicate pieces of fabrics instantly brighten up your look. Get that old dress out, throw some graphic or floral punches, and see how it transforms the boring dress into an uber chic one.

Add different styles to your wardrobe!

A scarf is a statement that you wear not to fit in, but to stand out. Available in a vivid variety such as silk scarves, cashmere scarves, cotton scarves, printed scarves, and embroidered scarves, these are multi-function accessories, and a must-have for you! Nowadays, scarf is a wardrobe essential. This is not just for women; men flaunt this rectangular bit as well!


This accessory has the power to transform your look, mood, and perspective instantly! Whether it is winter, summer, fall or spring, a scarf is always a tasteful and wise choice. Don’t just wear it! Flaunt it!

It can be draped in so many ways, trust us, you will never be bored of your look. Read on for a step by step pictorial guide of a variety of scarf draping techniques!

1. The Choker Scarf

choker smart
The elegant choker style

The choker fashion is here to stay! Silk choker scarves are the feminine and elegant alternative to choker necklaces. You can pair these thin, delicate scarves with a black slip dress to up its glam quotient. You can pair it with a plain t-shirt for a chic look, or with a white off the shoulder blouse for the flamboyant look. Irrespective of the outfit you pair with, choker scarves are easy to tie and take hardly 5 minutes of your time!

Steps to tie a choker scarf

choker scarf process
Easy to get this smart choker look!
  • Take your square scarf, preferably of a darker shade for a smarter look.
  • Fold the corners of the scarf diagonally.
  • Now fold the panel of the scarf the way we fold a paper.
  • Hold the folded scarf right in front of your neck. Be careful that the folded scarf does not slip out.
  • Drape this scarf around your neck in such a way that the ends of the scar come in your hands.
choker scarf
The smart look!
  • Bring the ends of the scarf to the center of your neck and tie a neat knot.
  • Voila! Here’s a sweet yet classy look.

  2. The Final Drape

final drape
The trendy final drape!

This style can immediately change your casual look to something super cool. Take any of your old t-shirts and pair it with one of your bright-colored casual scarves. You will be ready to rock, girl! The instant brightening will definitely up your confidence to go out. Remember, you need a big scarf for this look as you will be draping it around you.


Steps to tie a scarf as a final drape

final drape process
Give a new look to your old t-shirt
  • Take a big, bright colored scarf, preferably in contrast with the t-shirt you want to drape it on. Fold it diagonally.
  • Hold both the ends of the scarf in front of you and drape it around your t-shirt in such a way that the triangular end hangs in front.
  • Take the ends of the scarf to the back and tie a knot beautifully in the back.
  • Now, look at yourself. Isn’t it a great way to turn your normal-looking old t-shirt/top into something trendy and cool instantly?

3. The Scarf Bun

scarf bun
A classy scarf bun for your bad hair day

The versatility of scarves is not just limited to tying them around your neck or dresses or as bag candy. They can be used to accessorize your hair as well. Don’t believe us? Well, should we say scarves are one of the immediate solutions of your bad hair day! Tying your hair in a colorful scarf instantly covers your bad hair and also gives you an awesome look. Read below to know the steps!

Steps to get the super chic hair bun

scarf bun process
Get this scarf bun look in no time!
  • Pull your hair together into a neat high bun on the crown part of your head.
  • Fold your scarf like you fold a paper fan and curve it around your bun.
  • Wrap the scarf entirely around your bun.
  • Take the two ends of the scarf to the back of the bun and tie a knot
smart scarf bun
No such thing as bad hair day with this scarf bun look!
  • After tying the knot at the back, bring the rest of the ends to the front.
  • Now tie a bow in the front without leaving any lose ends.
  • Well, that’s a sexy look you’ve got!

4. The Bohemian Look

bohemian look
The bohemian headgear

Often you get bored of your same old hairstyles. When you run out of new hairstyle ideas or are maybe just feeling lazy, you either end up leaving them open or repeating the same old style. Why worry? Add a bit of color and get a bohemian look! Oh no! We are not telling you to color your hair. A simple scarf can do the trick.*wink* Intrigued? Read on.

Steps to get the perfect bohemian look

bohemian headgear
Easy to get bohemian look!
  • Take a rectangular scarf and fold it in half. Drape it around your head.
  • Create a loop on the folded side using your two fingers and put the other end through the loop.
  • Tighten the scarf around your head by pulling the scarf’s open ends through the loop.
  • Now, pull both the ends apart and tie a knot at the back of your head. Tuck in the lose ends.
floral scarf
Go for the floral prints!

Note: For a true bohemian look, go for floral or light-colored scarves.

5. The Retro Headgear

The classic retro look!

Who doesn’t love the retro look? What if we tell you that you too can get the retro look with this simple trick with a scarf! Excited? Read on for this classic charmer!

Steps to get a rocking retro headgear

retro look process
Charm everyone around with this retro look
  • Take a square scarf in the same shade as your outfit. Preferably of softer shade.
  • Fold the scarf diagonally and make a triangle.
  • Turn around and drape the scarf in such a way that the triangular part comes at your back and you hold both the ends in the front.
  • Tie a knot in the front. Fold the ends and tuck them neatly.
retro look
Rock the retro look
  • You are ready to rock the retro look!

6. The Faux Shrug

the faux shrug
Convert your scarf into a colorful shrug

Scarves can be turned into shrugs within minutes! Surprised? And it doesn’t even require stitching! Shocked! Yes, really! It’s just a simple, clever trick, which you can master in no time and voila! Get that beautiful square scarf (the one with tassels looks even better) and pair it with a matching outfit. There you go! You have a trendy runway look!

Steps to convert a scarf into a shrug

faux shrug process
Get the hippy look with this shrug
  • Take a rectangular bright-colored scarf. Drape it around your neck in a casual way. Hold both the ends of the scarf.
  • Tie both the ends in a knot.
  • Now remove the scarf and place it on a flat surface. Take the midpoint of the scarf and pin it up with its third corner. Make sure that you pin the scarf securely and that you use a very small pin, which cannot be visible over the scarf.
  • You now have got a jacket-shaped garment.
faux shrug
Add color to your wardrobe!
  • Wear it like a shrug. You can even play it up with a smart belt.

7. The Braided Look

braided look
The vibrant braided look!

Braided scarves look super cute. They immediately add a punch to your dress. These easy-to-spot braided scarves lighten up your ensemble and give you an airy feel. Even though they look complicated, trust us they are very easy to tie. That’s the fun part about them – a complicated-looking style that comes effortlessly.


Steps to get the cute braided scarf look

process braided look
Very easy to braid your scarf!
  • Take a rectangular scarf with tassels at its end. Drape it around your neck and double fold in such a way so that you can hold both ends in your hands.
  • Now take one end and start twisting the other end of the scarf.
  • Once you are done twisting one side, start twisting the other side in a similar way.
  • Here you have gotten yourself a cute neckpiece that adds color and goes nicely along with any of your dresses or long tops.

8. The Funky Head Scarf

If you are feeling lazy or not very creative, then you could simply fold your scarf and tie it around your head like a headband. We can assure you that you would never go wrong with this look.

funky look
Get funky with this simple trick!

Tips for buying scarves

You don’t necessarily have to go for the expensive, branded ones to get the uber cool look. You can get a sophisticated and charming look with the simple scarves that you already own.

However, if you want to buy some new scarves, here, we have got some classic tips that would always help you. We know that it’s easy to get confused while buying scarves because there are endless options! *wink*

  1. Always choose with care. The thumb rule is to check their quality and softness. Pamper yourself with luxuriant scarves. Feel the fabric before purchasing it. You can go for fabrics like silk, chiffon, cashmere, and soft-knit. These are soft when you touch and of course, pleasing to the eye as well.
  2. You need to inspect both the sides before you buy the scarf. The print might be exciting to look at, but don’t forget that when you drape it, both sides will be visible.
  3. The longer the scarf, the better it will look. Long and sleek scarves are brilliant for the final drape look. They also give a wonderful chic look and a flattering style statement.

Here’s to have a rocking scarf season, ladies!