Remember the debate around men wearing pink? Seems kind of pointless now, right! But it wasn’t the same in the mid-90s. There is a lot more freedom in men’s fashion nowadays. While being open-minded about dressing sense is good, sexual ambiguity is not what most men are trying to achieve when they dress (at least we hope not!). So how do you look stylish without looking like you have been raiding your girl’s closet?

Fashion mistakes you need to avoid!

Guys, pay attention because there is a very fine line, and that is why we have here a list of things you need to let go of so that you can tread it with manly pride!


1. Keep the jewelry to a minimum

excess jewelry
It's better to avoid jewelry

Can we just say, “Please no”! No to big earrings (small ones are okay), no to wearing multiple rings on a single hand, and absolute no to bracelet overload on your hand! It is one thing to be stylish and accessorized, but looking like you picked off items out of your girl’s jewelry box? Oh God, that’s a complete NO!

It does not matter if you think you can carry off jewelry in a masculine way, it’s better to be avoided. When it comes to men, no jewelry is always better than too much jewelry!

You could, of course, start accessorizing with a great watch!

2. Avoid super skinny, tight pants

skinny jeans
Maintain safe distance from super skinny jeans

Face up, guys! You are no Mick Jagger! You won’t get away without being judged by women for wearing super skinny jeans or tight pants. Go for slim fit jeans. They are fitted well and aren’t super tight.


So, if you have to wiggle your way into a pair of jeans, then just avoid them. No offense, but you shouldn’t have to look like you are performing some bizarre dance ritual for getting into a pair of jeans.

Besides, they are uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unattractive.

3. Colors-Less is more

lot of colors
Don't look like a Crayola set!

There is an element of danger involved when it comes to infusing colors in your clothes. Only the most adventurous ones can carry Crayola set of hues in a single outfit without ending up looking less masculine and more toward the other side of the line (which is absolutely okay if that is what you were trying to achieve).

But for the average Joe, it is advisable not to mix more than three colors in a single dress. A classic look with a modern twist can be achieved by introducing a pop of right shade of color in the right place. A subtle touch of right color instantly elevates your style.

Experimenting with colors can go wrong, terribly wrong if you aren’t careful enough!

4. Keep away from longline t-shirts

longline tshirt
Longline t-shirt or dress?

There is a very fine line between nailing a longline t-shirt and ending up with a nightie! The first thing that springs to mind with longline t-shirts is the dressy kind of look they give off. And if you pair it with skinny jeans (which is how most people do), then you sure have created the feminine look.


So, unless you were going for that dress and silhouette look, we would suggest you stay away. Because tbh not everyone can be Kanye West!

5. Overarched and over-plucked eyebrows-NEVER!

overarched eyebrows
Overarched eyebrows feminize your appearance

They are bad guys! So bad! A subtle brow taming to achieve a better look is fine. But when you over-pluck and overarch them, know that you have crossed THE LINE!

Sure, get rid of those unibrows and tame your bushy eyebrows, but NEVER get them overly tweezed!

6. Uggs on men-Ugh!

Uggs for men- fashion faux pas

Bear with us when we say Uggs are just ugh! They are nothing but frumpy, furry, foot sacks! They scream fashion faux pas and chic look.


And before you start with all the Uggs, they were originally worn by Aussie men. They wore them for expedience and not because they thought it was cool.

Guys, you have a terrific yet economic range of footwear suited for all your masculine needs. Then, why would you want to romp about in these glorified socks!

7. Say no to TOMS

TOMS are same for men & women

There is no distinction between the male and female versions of TOMS, and not every guy can pull them off.

A lot can be said about a guy’s personality by his footwear. So, if you want to go all about your masculinity and pride, then let’s just say you need to avoid TOMS.

8. Don’t paint your nails-PLEASE!

nail paint
Male polish is not the way to go!

So, there is a recent trend among men—painting their nails. So not cool guys! Completely hampers your masculine look. There’s something very disturbing about a guy who would grow his nails so that he can paint them in a cool color.

9. Neon clothes are a big NO!

Say no to neon!

This is a totally NO NO for you guys! Get rid of them if you have them stashed away in your wardrobe. Neon clothes are just going to make the women run in opposite direction from you! Trust us!


10. The big shades look shady tbh

Super shady!

We know you want to look cool, but big shades are not a way to do them. Absolutely steer clear of them. Try something sleeker that would suit your chiseled jaw, like those classic Ray-Bans.