Monsoon is here with a bang! And we are sure to welcome it by being all prepared and glad for the rains! Don’t we welcome the rains with open arms every year? How about we welcome the rains this year with style too?

Yes, you guessed it right. Here, we are with 10 different trends in raincoats and umbrellas from which you could choose your exclusive look for the season!


The rainy season carries with itself a beautiful aura, the pleasant vibes, and a special euphoria that engulfs every heart.

welcome rains
Be the fashionista this monsoon

When rains can give us so much, why couldn't we take care of how we look during this season, as well?

The rest of the year, we focus on looking all trendy; it is only during the monsoon that we forget fashion and concentrate on how to save ourselves and not get drenched while it is raining cats and dogs. Don’t worry; we have ideas that won’t just look modish but also protect you from the showers.

We know how much you already love rains. But we guarantee you’d love rains all the more when you’re in fashion by styling your monsoon look too!


Unveiling to you the magic of monsoon with 10 style tips that every girl should know.

1. The plastic raincoat & the black umbrella

Stay stylish and dirt-free this monsoon

This raincoat will practically help you out of any and every dirty situation, i.e., muddy water (duh!). The black outfit will also save the trouble of removing stains from the raincoat.

Another good thing about them is that they are light-weight polyester, and you can wear them easily over your clothes, without really feeling heavy.

2. The fireman look & the yellow umbrella

Highlight your style with yellow raincoat and umbrella

The yellow umbrella will refresh anybody’s memories, especially a HIMYM fan. Aches the heart, no? Yet, the yellow color makes you look all unique and vibrant.

Guess I'll put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat
Baby, it's keeping me dry
I put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat
You know exactly why

Oh! Sure, we know why! Yellow raincoats are the next big street style trend. Apart from giving you countryside vibes, they're catchy because of the bright yellow color and keep you snug and dry in the rain!


3. The glossy rain saviors

Become a style diva with glossy raincoats

These glossy colors will not just fascinate you but also every onlooker on your way. They are vibrant in their way and attractive to look at.

Besides being waterproof, they are so fashionable that Macintosh would probably look down from heaven and go like whaaaaaaaat?

4. The funky frolics

Have some fun with funky raincoats and umbrellas

With a lot of variations, funky looks are infinite. You literally have a wide range to choose from to match your level of funky this monsoon season!

This cute waterproof stuff is not just chic to look at but with the perfect fit - the stitch length, seam type, and the alignment - they are as comfortable as it gets!


5. The polka dots

polka dots
No reason to not look great in rains

These polka-dot rain saviors are in fashion this season. It looks all cute and adorable to possess something like them.

And at the end of the day, remember Into each life some rain must fall - and you should look great when it does!”

6. The transparent textures

Make a style statement this monsoon with transparent raincoats

With grace and simplicity on its side, the transparent color on the rain saviors looks absolutely amazing. Choose the ones that are comfortable, and you’re good to go!

You don't have to hide what you are wearing inside, in addition to also getting saved from being soaked with water!

7. The rainbow raincoats and umbrellas

Brighten your day with rainbow colors

With multicolors in trend, why leave our raincoats and umbrellas behind? The flabbergasting rainbow look looks very trendy.

Let us brighten the gloomy, cloudy days by adding color to them so much so that you would want to go out during the rains!


8. Translucent look

Steal the spotlight with a translucent raincoat

Let’s suit up for rains with these translucent raincoats!

Ahead of the transparent look, the translucent look implies some color and some soberness to the raincoats and umbrellas. They look all smart and classy.

9. The color-coding

color coding
Dazzle everyone around with vivid colors

This season, aim for different resplendent colors that make you look all dazzling and vivid! Color-coordinate by matching the color of your raincoat with that of your umbrella or choosing them in contrast.

The rainy season is here, and we’re so ready for it!

10. The textured ones

Pep up your style with stylish umbrella and raincoat

Raincoats of different patterns, textures, and designs also look very stylish and funky. For example, bubble raincoats are very on-trend currently.

They highlight your true style authentic and merry mood.

You gotta remember the fact that "the first impression is the last impression," and the first thing people will judge you on is what you are wearing, yes - even during the monsoons!

With these peppy and stylish textures, you’re sure to rock this season, girl!