Hail the Bride-to-be!

If you’re here, we already know that you are different from the regular kind, want to try something that is unique and new - something that will demarcate you from the cliché bride.


If the description above is apt, you’re at the right place and at the right time!

Your choices for wedding gown are no longer limited to ivory or white

Are you tired of seeing every bride in a white wedding gown/dress? Definitely, a beautiful sight yet as mainstream as everrr! No matter how different your wedding gown is from others, the one thing that's always going to be same is that it is white.

Are you a fashionista? And do you want your wedding to be perfect?

We aren’t asking you to be exactly a “bridezilla,” but who doesn’t want attention & perfection before and at their wedding? If you want an unconventional wedding dress, you can even look up to some celebrities for inspiration.


We have, hence, garnered some ideas for you that you could try besides a simple, cliché white dress on your wedding to convert it into an even more indelible and remarkable day of your life.

1. Silver - the new metallic code

Metallic colors are "in" this season

Emitting the metallic vibes, silver is the “in” color of the wedding season. It’s like wearing any other regular wedding dress (wedding dresses are never really regular but you understand our emotions, don’t you?) yet standing out on account of looking very different from the normal white.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, walked down the aisle with Prince Charles in a silver gown! We’re pretty sure you don’t even have to think a second time about wearing silver on your wedding day, do you?

Sophie Hunter too wore a customized high-necked wedding gown with silvery lace to her wedding with Benedict Cumberbatch.

2. Black - the classic opposite

Fly in the face of tradition. Embrace the black.

The classic opposite of white, black is a dangerously classy option in wedding dresses. Who doesn’t like adventure, eh? If you’re bold and all dauntless at heart (and in love!), black is the ideal color for you!

You’d be the unique and classiest bride ever in the black ball gown, black satin, or black silk. One may even try a black floral or laced skirt, or mix it with other colors like red or ivory.


The 90210 actress Shenae Grimes shone in a ravishing black gown at her wedding with her husband Josh Beech, also decked up in black.

3. Peach - a little less white

Peach brings out the gorgeous you in a unique way

Peach is like playing safe. You’re wearing a color as light as white but not quite white. You know what we mean?

Peach in a wedding dress looks as elegant and graceful, and you may try a variety of it including a silk gown, dress with laces, strapless floral, etc.

4. Blue - the new white!

Play safe but stray a little from the usual white

Blue is the most well-known and tried-and-tested replacement of white wedding gowns today.


Not just the dark blue shades but the tranquil sky/sea blue and green colors are in trend too. They look beautiful with laces and even with trains and laced veils.

Clad in blue, you’d look like a fairy princess!

5. Gold - way to look all bold

Shine and steal the limelight for being the boldest bride

The new metallic gold colors in wedding dresses are famous enough for you to blindly trust them for your special day too.

The ones that are "in" include gold imprints on other light colors, gold trenches and trains, blue gown with metallic gold, golden satin dresses, etc.

Jessica Simpson, the singer, wore a gown embroidered in gold to her wedding.

6. Floral dresses with their sweet fragrance

Perfect for the gorgeous, feminine and utterly romantic bride

Floral prints and even dresses are as fashionable as ever. You would see from floral trains, trenches to floral veils on sober dresses. Floral prints augment the look and make the dress graceful.


Even floral gowns and dresses make a bride look all beautiful and adorable.

English model and actress, Poppy Delevingne, looked dazzling, decked up in a pretty floral gown on the day of her wedding.

7. Wed in red!

A red-hot trend indeed!

Away from the classical norm of wearing white, red is the boldest and the direct opposite from white after black in wedding attire.

Red stands for not just boldness but also signifies the brave love.

You may go YOLO and bathe in red satin or even red silk, or even try a ball gown with feather skirt to look all aberrant on your wedding day.

The American model, Chrissy Teigen, wore a sleeveless bright red satin dress and captured every eye at her wedding.

8. The ombre trend!

Ombre is here to stay.

You’d find the ombre trend - blend of light and dark colors - not only hit with hairstyles but also with dresses for significant occasions like that of your wedding. A mixture of light and slightly dark blue colors, golden and blue, pink and peach, or red and peach are just the commonest ombre blends we’re mentioning.

Gwen Stefani, the American singer, went for a beautiful ombre gown, clad in satin pink and white, on the day of her wedding! Anne Hathaway, the most popular actor, too wore a breathtaking white ombre gown with a pink train.

9. Sink in pink colors

Pink isn't white, neither is it traditional

From pink ball gowns, pink silk to petal pink or Dusty pink-laced frocks - all variations look just the prettiest on brides.

Pink dresses with designs in ivory or floral prints look as vivacious as they sound.

Kale Couco, the Big Bang Theory actress, and Reese Witherspoon, the star of Big Little Lies, both looked absolutely ravishing in a pink dress and gown on their wedding days!

10. Shades of gray

A safer yet elegant choice

Yes, you may even find some 50 shades of gray, depending on your designer, in wedding dresses. There is just no end to the numerous combinations.

Again, very close to white, gray in wedding gowns and dresses is a safe option that will, at the same time, make you stand out from being mainstream.