A classic white shirt is a year-round essential in our wardrobe. It is a versatile statement piece that can be worn to the office, a date, or a night out. The tailored fit and elegance of a classic white shirt make it a dependable and go-to outfit even though we have a myriad of clothes in our closet to choose from.

how to wear a white shirt
Read on to know how to wear a white shirt in five super stylish ways

Whether in crisp cotton or soft silk, a white shirt is a timeless staple in your wardrobe; it can withstand the test of time despite the trends coming and going. There’s no way you can ever let it go!


A white shirt, classic yet far from basic, has a thousand identities. You usually associate a plain crisp one with your job interviews or pair it with formal trousers or a skirt as your office wear. You can even style it according to your mood.

I bet you must have experimented and have been creative with it, whether wearing it with all buttons up or a few undone, tucking it in or leaving it loose, wearing it under a jacket or over a tank top, or pairing it with boyfriend jeans or colorful pants, and you always find it looking perfect in every way.

How to Wear a White Shirt in 5 Super Stylish Ways

You must have seen many celebrities donning a plain white shirt at many events and got inspired by it. The best part of owning a white shirt is that you can wear it anytime and everywhere. It offers comfort and style altogether.

Do you have an old white shirt just lying in your closet? It’s time to take it out and revive and refresh it! Breathe new life into it with just a few tweaks here and there. We will show you how to do just that!


Here are five super stylish ways to wear your sexy white shirt to look fab and fashion forward. (You are definitely going to want to try them all!)

Style 1 - Wear it off the shoulders!

Add extra oomph to your old white shirt

Styles come and go and come back again. The off-the-shoulder look was a well-liked and popular trend in the 19th century. Guess what? It has a made a mighty comeback! Anywhere and everywhere you go now, you can see style-conscious women rocking off-the-shoulder blouses or dresses.

The off-the-shoulder style gives you an effortlessly sensual look that will instantly make you a head-turner. Wearing your white shirt off the shoulders is very easy. Simply put the shirt on as you normally would, but leave two to three buttons on the top undone.

Now, slide the collars a little towards your shoulders. There you go! You can now confidently flaunt your collarbones. To add a cool funky element to the look, you can either keep the cuffs open and straight or roll up the sleeves.

Off-the-shoulder shirts are uber trendy right now and can certainly spruce up your style quotient when you wear them. You can pair them with high-waist pants, skirts, or trousers. To add more appeal to the look, you can try different knotting styles, such as the front, side, back, or center knot.

Style 2 - Wear it with a belt!

Accessorize your white shirt with a belt

When it comes to fashion and style, it is always good to try new things. Adding a belt to your boring outfit will instantly jazz it up.


You can tastefully wear a belt with your white shirt, too! Putting a belt on your plain white shirt not only saves it from looking boring, rather it elevates it in an instant! You can even give your white shirt a new life by adding some colors, such as a floral or embroidered belt.

When trying out this look, always remember this: a good belt can make you look stylish, but the wrong one can make you look like a mess. So play around with belts of different widths and styles, and choose what suits you the best.

Style 3 - Wear it with a dress!

Pair it under a dress and become a style diva

White shirts are well suited for layering. One of the obvious reasons is the versatility of its color, which brings out the beauty of the second layer. You can never go wrong with it as white simply complements any other color and matches with everything. So why not style it with a dress?

Have you ever worn a dress over and over again and now you’re tired of it? Extend the life of your dress by wearing a white shirt under it; the shirt and dress combo will make you look extra stylish, too.


Just think of how many dresses you can pair it with! Wear it under a short funky dress and create that cute college girl look that is perfect on a day out with friends or a movie day. For a work-appropriate look, put on a dress in a solid color over it. You will absolutely look confident and commanding.

Style 4 - Wear it with a tube top!

tube top
Tube top lends more class to your usual look

We all have enough tube tops that we usually wear under a shirt or a jacket. Have you thought of wearing it over a shirt?

A tank top over your white shirt will give you a striking look that will make you stand out. The details and colors of the tube top will surely elevate and enhance the natural beauty of the white shirt, making it look more classy and fun without spending a penny.

Give this look a try with a solid, striped, or printed tube top - whatever you like - and show off your style.

Style 5 - Wear it front-to-back!

An entirely new trend that is absolutely in rage

Yes, we know it’s a little weird, but believe it or not people are actually wearing their shirt backward, and it is a hot street style right now! This is another unconventional but stylish approach of wearing a shirt.

Wear your white shirt with the back at the front and pair it with some hot pants or skirt. You can even rock this style over your favorite tight dress. To add more edge to this look, you can try different styles of knots.


For a revealing or chic modern look, leave a few buttons open at the top or at the bottom. You can also show some skin by wearing it off your shoulders. This sexy and bold look is a quick way to refresh your style without shelling out cash!