Do you fear being tagged in pictures on social media because you are unsure of how you look? Are you clueless or are you too critical when it comes to posing for a picture? Let’s admit it. We all want to look camera ready and upload flattering pictures on social media. After all, that is one of the purposes of having an Instagram or Facebook account, right? However, we are not supermodels so; we don’t usually know what to do to look our best in front of the camera.

picture perfect
Important tips to look effortlessly pretty in photos

In this social media-obsessed world, it helps to know how to pose for a picture. Even if there is nothing wrong with the way you look, no one really wants an unflattering picture to make you feel unconfident or insecure. How many times have you not worn a particular outfit or done your hair in a particular way because you had a bad picture the last time you did?


What you should understand is that it takes more than just your looks to have a great picture. Aside from mastering your camera settings and other technical factors, you need to practice your best poses and know your good angles. Does that sound too complicated to you? Cheer up! Your “bad photo” days are numbered! We are here to help you look your best in front of the camera, whether you are taking a selfie or posing for a portrait.

Here are 15 tips to look effortlessly better in your photos.

1. Adjust your face at an angle

Tilt your face slightly away from the camera

To get that perfect picture, you don’t always have to face your camera straight on and with a full face because it can make your face look wider or larger. In fact, the best pictures are taken at an angle. Turn your face slightly away from the camera, and avoid shots with your head straight. Positioning your face at an angle will show the depths and shadows along the cheekbones and the nose, making the colors more vivid. Know your best angles by moving your head slowly in different directions and choosing one that is comfortable and makes you look good.

2. Keep your chin down

Pointing your chin up looks unnatural in the pictures. Instead, extend your chin and tilt it down a bit, or bring your ears forward. This will define your jaw and help avoid a double chin.


3. Do not let your nose cross the edge of your face

Don't let your nose cut off your face

Position your face at an angle, but do not turn to the side too much in such a way that your nose crosses the edge of your face. You will look like you have disproportionate facial features. Always make sure that there is some space between the tip of your nose and the edge of your face.

4. Bring your tongue to use

This might sound weird, but your tongue can also help you look good in pictures. No, we are not asking you to stick your tongue out. What you need to do is press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and smile. Doing this will elongate your neck, define your jawline, and also get rid of the dreaded double chin. This technique will also help you avoid getting jaw aches when you need to smile for a long time.

5. Keep your eyes sharp and appealing

Let your eyes speak to the camera

Open your eyes wide, bring energy into them, and engage with the camera. Don’t open them so much that you look like you’ve seen a ghost. You want a pretty picture, not a scary one! Also do not give a blank stare and avoid droopy eyelids, as you will look lifeless. For a side shot, do not look away from the camera; keep your glance at the lens. Relax your eyebrows. To avoid blinking in between shots, close your eyes for a few seconds and open them just before the shot will be taken.

6. Turn your shoulders

Twist and turn your shoulders slightly so that you are not standing straight and head-on with the camera, which can make you look bigger or broader. Turning slightly will give you a slimmer profile and a perfect picture.

7. Show your best smile

Relax and smile naturally

Smiling for the camera might seem simple but can sometimes be tricky. To look genuinely happy in your picture, forget the camera and then smile naturally. Smiling too wide will tense up your face, squint your eyes, and puff out your cheeks, making you look silly. Just take a deep breath, relax your face, open your mouth slightly, and then smile.

8. Practice good posture

The way you stand in posing can make a huge difference in the way you look in the picture. Standing up straight will not only make you look taller in photos but will also give you an aura of strength and confidence, which is naturally alluring.


9. Keep one foot behind the other

Place your one foot behind the other

Whether you are standing or sitting, cross your legs starting at the calf and keep one foot behind the other. This will make your hips look narrower, and your legs look longer.

10. Place your hands on your hips

You must have seen your favorite actress on the red carpet posing with her hands on her hips. In fact, this is a foolproof and the go-to pose of the stars. Putting your hands on your hips can accentuate your waist, making you look slimmer and taller. As this pose is easy to do and shows movement, it will help you look more natural.

11. Do not stand stiffly

Relax and look natural in your photo

Relaxing your body while posing for pictures will help you look good. Standing stiffly is unnatural and will give the impression that you are trying too hard. Loosening up and having a little fun will make for a more flattering and natural picture.

12. Put on the perfect makeup

Your makeup should perfectly match your skin tone and style. Make sure your foundation looks like your second skin. Fill in your eyebrows. Also, eyeliner and mascara help to open up your eyes. Apply blush or bronzer to the apple of your cheeks and add lipstick or lip gloss to your lips to add more vividness to your picture.


13. Flaunt your hair

Play up with your hair

Your hair is the first feature that everyone notices about you. Flaunt your shiny and healthy hair. Do not just let your hair sit on your shoulders. Experiment with different styles. You can let them fall behind your shoulders, gather them on one side, or tie them all up.

14. Focus on yourself

Unless you are taking a choreographed photo, you do not have to follow what others are doing in a group picture. Just focus on yourself and stand comfortably without mimicking the people directly next to you. Everyone has a different body shape. The pose that may suit them might look bad on you.

15. Move towards the light

Let the light shine on your face

Sufficient light is important to look good in pictures. Aim the light to shine on your face and not on the side of your face. You can try putting the lighting behind, above, and in front of you to find the best placement. Make sure that the light does not put harsh shadows on your face. If you are taking pictures outdoors, one hour after and before sunset provides the best light and makes your skin glow.

Be comfortable and proud of who you are and how you look. Pose to flatter your body. What you feel in front of the camera will translate into the photos so try to feel comfortable and confident. If you follow these tips with confidence and smile genuinely, you’ll never be afraid of a random snap or worry about how you look in pictures ever again. Now, you are ready to pose and effortlessly look great in your photos!