There are many perks of having a lot of money (or looking like someone who has!). When your appearance is oozing with wealth, elegance, and class you often get respect, attention, and special treatment.

You don’t need to have a fat bank account to look like a millionaire. Money alone cannot guarantee that you will look rich and expensive. You can dress up in a way that conveys elegance and class, whether to impress someone or blend in at a high-class party, without robbing a bank. You know why? It's because an expensive look doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a sense of style that speaks for itself and stands out.

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Some tips on how you can look luxurious without spending much

To get that luxe appeal, shopping smart is the key. You do not even have to wait for a  sale or buy discounted items. You can be low on money but still, create timeless outfits. There are just a few elements that you need to apply to your dressing style to achieve that sophisticated look.

Here is a guide to look luxurious without spending much.

1. Choose a simple color palette

One of the secrets to looking classy is going for solid colors

The color of your clothes decides your overall look. Black, white, grey, and nudes and other soft and simple colors create a minimalistic but rich look. Wear solid colors instead of prints. Monochromes with only small color accents also give your outfit a hint of luxury. Every once in a while you may experiment with colors inspired by precious stones, such as ruby and emerald.

2. Invest in the right clothes

You need the right outfits to pull of this look, but that does not mean you should shop beyond your budget. Instead of buying multiple inexpensive clothes, invest in one or two classic high-quality pieces at a time. High-quality clothes can be worn several times on several occasions without being outdated.


3. Check the fabric before you buy

It is only the good-quality fabric that will give you a rich and classy look. While on your shopping spree, check the label to know the material. Choose linen, silk, or cotton over synthetic fabrics. Natural fibers feel good on the skin, last long, and are usually trendy.

4. Wear clothes that fit you well

It is all about the fit. An expensive but ill-fitted dress will look cheap. Likewise, an affordable dress that fits you like a glove will appear as you had it custom made. Hence, always make sure that your clothes fit you properly. If you have clothes that do not fit you well lying around, take them to your local tailor and get them altered more to your size.

5. Smell good to look good

The right fragrance will add to your luxurious look

A luxurious fragrance will add to the richness of your look. Find a perfume or scent that represents your style and personality. Apply it on the major points of your body, including your wrists, elbows, and back of your neck. Do not mix fragrances. Apply an unscented moisturizer before applying the perfume for a long-lasting scent.

6. Go for dainty jewelry

Wear some dainty yet stunning jewelry. Delicate jewelry, even the inexpensive ones, when styled thoughtfully can uplift the look of your outfit and give you elegance.

7. Step out in the right shoes

The right shoes will not only elevate your posture but will also work magic on your appeal

We know how much you love your flats for the comfort they bring to your feet. However, they can often ruin an amazing outfit and make you look less elegant. Height is often associated with authority and class. So for an expensive look, put on some good heels. Find one that you are comfortable wearing and walk in it with confidence.

8. Pay attention to the minor details

To really look rich, you have to be consistent with your style, paying attention to every minute detail. If there is a loose thread? Give it a snip. Use a razor to shave off the pills on your sweater. Never wear clothes with a stain, hole, or missing button.


9. Carry a structured handbag

Invest in a neutral colored handbag that can be paired up with almost any dress

Save up and invest in sturdy and structured bags. A quality handbag with a classic design is worth the investment. Pick one in black or a neutral color to complement most of your outfits and suit several occasions. Simple and elegant clutches are best for parties and formal events. Make sure that your handbag is minimalistic. Avoid bags that have heavy metals, bulky accessories, or evident logos.

10. Keep your clothes clean and crisp

Creases can be a downer and spoil your otherwise elegant look. Even if you are wearing an inexpensive dress, it can make you look neat and classy if it is wrinkle-free. Always make sure you iron or steam your clothes before you put them on.

11. Spend on one or two designer accessories

A hat, scarf or belt can immediately elevate your style

Accessories can give even a simple and inexpensive outfit a striking appeal. As these are small items, they are not as expensive as designer shoes, clothes, and bags, so you can definitely allocate a budget for these. One designer scarf, hat, or belt is enough to elevate your look. Choose accessories with small prints or in basic colors so that you can wear them with more than one outfit.

12. Style your hair simply

The way you style your hair can make or break your outfit. Style your hair with a neat and simple hairstyle. A simple blow-dried hair or a high ponytail will make you look sleeker than complicated curls. Plus, it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Follow the easy steps to give yourself a more upscale, expensive look. Most importantly, never forget to carry out your style with confidence. Believe in yourself and walk with your head held high. Be yourself because no one else is like you, and that is your most precious asset that no amount of money can buy!