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How to Apply Mascara in Less Than 5 Minutes

What is that one miracle cosmetic that none of us can live without? It’s mascara, of course! If ever there is a poll for the most popular makeup product, it would most likely be mascara.

Mascara never disappoints when you apply it as part of your eye makeup. Everyone loves it because of the definition and boldness that it adds to the eyes.

Learn how you can apply mascara in less than five minutes

Not to exaggerate, but for most of us ladies, a swipe or two of mascara every morning is as essential as coffee. Mascara not only darkens our eyelashes; it also lengthens, thickens, and intensifies them.

When applied correctly, mascara can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You need not do any complicated contouring or eyeshadow blending to make you look fresh and awake - a swipe of mascara is enough to do the trick.

We will let you in on a secret: eyelashes have an impressive ability to transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

And when armed with the right technique of applying mascara, you could achieve any look you want, ranging from natural to glamorous to gothic and anything and everything in between.


How to Make Your Lashes Stand Out

When it comes to makeup, little things can do wonders. One such little trick that works like a charm in making your lashes stand out is applying mascara correctly.

Mascara makes you look beautiful, fun, and flirty; it draws attention to your eyes. The fact is no matter how beautiful your eyeshadow is or how expert you are in applying eye makeup, if you do not have long curly eyelashes to go with it, then sadly no one is going to notice your eyes.

And even if you don’t use eyeshadows that much, a touch of mascara is enough to add depth to your eyes and really open them up.

On the other hand, if you do not apply your mascara correctly, it will draw attention to the wrong places, such as the clumps in your eyelashes.

You don’t want spidery or flaky lashes, nor do you want raccoon eyes, right? You definitely want to have Bambi eyes whenever you swipe your trusty mascara.

So how do you exactly make your lashes stand out? We will show you the way! Don’t worry; all it takes is a bit of practice and some patience. Here's how you can apply mascara in less than five minutes.


Steps for Applying Mascara

Step 1. Heat the eyelash curler using a hairdryer

Use a heated eyelash curler for effective curling
  • Take your eyelash curler.
  • Heat the curling end with the help of a hairdryer.

A little heat will help you curl your lashes easily. It will also make your curled lashes last longer. But make sure that you don’t make the curler too hot as it might damage your lashes or burn your skin.

A few brands make heated lash curlers that are pocket-friendly and will also cut down on the time you would spend using the blow dryer.

Step 2. Check the temperature of the curler

See whether the heat of the curler is bearable
  • Once you have heated your regular eyelash curler, place it against your wrist gently.
  • Check the temperature of the curler to ensure that it is not too hot. Expose it to the hairdryer again if the heat is not enough.

Your eyes are very delicate. The temperature of your eyelash curler needs to be moderate and bearable but still effective in curling your lashes.

You don’t want long curly eyelashes at the cost of a burnt lid.


Step 3. Place the eyelash curler on your eyes and apply mascara as you normally would

Place the curler against your eye and apply mascara
  • When you have ensured the correct temperature of your eyelash curler, gently place it as close to your lash line as possible but without pinching your eyelid.
  • Pinch your lashes and hold. You can also give a couple of gentle pumps to the lashes to make them curlier.
  • Take your mascara and apply it on your eyes as you normally would. Swipe the wand in slow and gentle strokes from the roots of your lashes to the tips.

The heated eyelash curler and mascara combo will create firm and beautiful curls that will last all day long!

Step 4. Gently remove the curler and shape your eyelashes using a mascara brush

With a mascara brush shape your eyelashes
  • Gently remove the curler after applying mascara. Make sure that you don’t smudge the mascara when doing so.
  • Now, shape your eyelashes using a mascara brush.
  • Move the mascara brush in small, precise strokes.
  • Using long wiggling strokes helps to ensure each lash is coated in mascara and reduce clumps.

Give shape to your lashes by using a mascara brush to ensure that your lashes don’t straighten right after applying mascara.

Step 5. Apply mascara to your lower eyelashes

Apply mascara to your lower lashes as well
  • Apply mascara to your lower eyelashes.
  • Be careful not to get any mascara on your skin.

As a finishing touch in making your eyelashes stand out, apply a coat of mascara to your lower eyelashes as well.

And you are done! See? How simple was that?! Achieving luscious lashes is as easy as 1-2-3!

Additional Tips

  • The order for eye makeup is as follows: (1) eye primer, (2) eyeshadow, (3) liner, and (4) mascara. Don’t switch things up.
  • Wipe off any excess mascara on the wand using a tissue. This will prevent clumpy eyelashes.
  • You can trace your upper lash line with an eye pencil to give the illusion of thicker lashes. It also hides mascara flakes or smudges.
  • Sometimes when applying mascara, some of it might transfer on to your lids. This can also mess up any eyeshadow you’ve applied. You can use an old card or a shadow shield to prevent any product from transferring
  • To add volume to your lashes, coat them with liquid concealer before applying mascara.
  • Between each coat of mascara, dust your lashes with translucent powder to plump them up. This will make your lashes appear more voluminous.
  • If you have thin or light-colored eyelashes, apply mascara on both the upper side and lower side of your lashes for full coverage and thicker appearance.
  • You can hold a spoon below your lower lashes while applying mascara. This hack will prevent any mascara from getting on your skin.
  • If you accidentally smudge your mascara while applying it, don’t wipe it out immediately to avoid ruining your eye makeup. Wait for it to dry completely and then gently clean it with a cotton swab.
  • After you have applied mascara, brush your lashes with a lash comb. You will not only get perfectly separated lashes but also get rid of clumps. Do this before your mascara dries.
  • Apply a layer of waterproof mascara over your regular mascara to make it last longer. This technique will also make the mascara easy to remove at the end of the day.
  • Do not curl your lashes after applying mascara. After your mascara dries, your lashes become harder and less flexible, so curling at this stage will only make your eyelashes prone to breaking.
  • Just like false eyelashes, there are different mascara formulas for different effects.
  • To prevent the mascara from drying out faster, don’t pump the wand inside out. Instead, gently twist the wand from side to side or in a circular motion.
  • If your mascara has dried up inside the tube, soak the tube in a cup of hot water. The heat will soften and make the mascara thin so that it is easy to apply.
  • You can also revive a flaky mascara (that has not passed its expiration date) with a couple of drops of saline solution.
  • Do not use mascara that is more than six months old from opening to avoid the risk of eye infection.
  • Once your mascara expires, throw it away, but keep the wand. You can use it to groom your eyebrows.
  • It is recommended to avoid using test mascaras available at the retail store for hygienic and eye safety purposes.
  • Removing mascara at the end of the day can be quite difficult, especially the waterproof ones. Try these chemical-free and safe methods to remove waterproof mascara gently from your eyes.
  • Use a homemade eye makeup remover. It not only removes eye makeup effectively and gently but also provides skin benefits in the long run.
  • You can apply castor oil every night before going to sleep for thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • For long and luscious eyelashes, you can try some of these household ingredients.

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