Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.

What is that one makeup item that is your absolute favorite? The one that you can swear by to always have in your bag? The one that is your constant life saver? The one that you always rely on to add a little drama or allure to your looks? Or the one without which you simply wouldn’t step out of your house? Yes, we are talking about lipstick!


Did you know that an average American woman will spend approximately $1,780 on lipstick in her lifetime? With the amount of time and money we spend on this favorite makeup item, it is only fair that we celebrate a day just in honor of this sexy little tube. Hence, July 29 is named as National Lipstick Day!

Some fun facts about lipstick & fun ideas to celebrate lipstick day

Lipstick is the crux of every makeup routine. It breathes life into your makeup and makes your face come alive. Lipstick is probably the only product that can either finish a look or be the highlight of the look that you are going for. Because lipstick plays such an important role in our everyday life, why not learn a bit about this “life-infusing” tube. Read on, and enjoy some interesting facts about your favorite makeup item.

  1. Cleopatra loved lipstick: It was not just eyeliner that Cleopatra loved. She was a huge fan of lipstick as well. In fact, she crushed carmine beetles and ants to make her red lipstick.
  1. The costliest lipstick can set you back by a good 62 grand: We are not kidding! Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick is the world’s most expensive lipstick. The case of this lipstick has 110 grams of 18k gold and is encrusted with 199 diamonds.
  1. First commercial lipstick: The first successful commercial lipstick was introduced in 1880 by Guerlain. It was a pomade of grapefruit that was mixed with butter and wax.
  1. Red lipstick helps you look younger: Aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, applying lipstick is also helpful in having a youthful appearance.
  1. Lipstick was a symbol of status: Applying lipstick was considered a status symbol in ancient civilizations. In fact, both men and women put on lipstick as part of their makeup routine.
  1. Lipstick is most used on rainy and gloomy days: One of the best ways to deal with gloomy and rainy days is to try to look good and apply makeup. Sales of lipsticks tend to go up during these days.
  1. Lipstick and prostitutes: There was a time when lipstick fell out of fashion in ancient Greece. Only prostitutes wore lippies; nay, they were in fact made to wear lipstick to distinguish them from ladies.
  1. Lipstick expires: Just like any other consumable product, lipsticks do expire. A lipstick is good enough only for about two years from first use.
  1. Lipstick in WWII: WWII was a time of extreme shortage of just about anything, and almost all other cosmetic items were rationed, but not our lipstick. Winston Churchill felt that lipsticks were integral for boosting the morale of the people. Hence, lipstick production kept rolling.
  1. Ingesting lipstick: Almost 4 pounds of lipstick is ingested every day by women. Quite a lot, we would say!

To pay homage to this little best friend of ours, why not celebrate this National Lipstick Day in a slightly different manner? Do something unique, something wild (or not), and something memorable. We will help you out with some fresh ideas!

1. Avail of brand offers

Go crazy and have fun with all the offers

Go crazy with all the brand offers this National Lipstick Day. All the major names in makeup, such as Avon, CoverGirl, and L’Oreal, are going out of their way to celebrate this makeup holiday. MAC is, in fact, giving away free lipsticks! There is a flood of brand offers, promo deals, and one-day deals waiting for you to go crazy on!


2. Get your girls together and enjoy a makeup party

Spend the day with your girlfriends and have fun applying makeup

Ask all your girlfriends to come over to your place with all their favorite shades of lipsticks. Have fun playing with makeup and trying on various lipsticks brought by your friends. You can even dress up and have a photoshoot!

3. Try a new look - go bold

easycorrect way to apply lipstick
Get the glam look with simple red lipstick

This National Lipstick Day set aside the subtle shades. If you’ve always wanted to try a bold look, but for some reason held back the idea, this is the perfect time to go for it! Try something new, go for the bold red color and rock it with confidence.

4. Insta click your pout

insta selfie
Take a selfie and post on your Insta account

Swipe your favorite shade, pucker up, snap a photo, and share that sexy pout on Instagram. Don’t forget your hashtags! #nationallipstickday #lipstickmyvice #pout #redlips

5. Make your favorite shade at home

make lipstick
Try creating a shade just for you

What better way to celebrate National Lipstick Day than by creating your favorite shade at home. Making lipstick at home isn’t difficult; it isn’t rocket science after all. What’s more, you can customize a shade that’s only yours to own! Talk about an exclusive shade just for you!

6. Try shimmer or gradient lipstick

Shimmer lipsticks are totally "in"

The latest lipstick trend these days is gradient and shimmer lipstick. You could try one of these little outrageous but fun styles.

7. Vodka shots and pouts

vodka pouts
Have fun having vodka shots and making perfect pout

Play fun games with your girlfriends. The rule is to have a shot of vodka and try your best to make a pout. The girl with the perfect pout wins!


8. Mark your territory

Show him your love

This lipstick day, leave a mark on his t-shirt. Kiss, not his lips (well, of course, that as well), but his t-shirt first. Let him have the sheepish grin of having your lipstick mark on him.

9. Take yourself out for coffee and flirt

Flirt with coffee

Apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Go out and have some fun. Meet some new people, and let your lipstick send a statement about your personality.

10. Spend the day with celebrities who made lipstick as famous as it is today

Enjoy movies of celebrities responsible for making lipstick a sign of girl power

The best way to spend a holiday is snuggled up inside your house. Watch some great movies of celebrities who made their love for lipstick known to the world. You know who we are talking about: Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, and Audrey Hepburn, to name a few. The list is long. Be inspired by these women and how they showcased girl power. You would be in for a treat.