Do you take just a few minutes to get ready in the morning? Do you ‘not look’ for a mirror (or carry one in your purse) everywhere you go for fixing your eyeliner or reapplying your lipstick? Do you find it hard to relate to all the fuss about the latest cosmetic products and luxury beauty brands? If yes, then you’d be pleased to know that you are not alone!

reasons nerds give for not using makeup
Makeup is your choice ladies!!

There are a number of women out there who fail to understand why ‘wearing makeup’ has become synonymous to their gender.


Here’s a list of some valid reasons why some women choose not to wear makeup. If you have a unique explanation of your own, do let us know in the comment section below.

1. It’s just not my thing

makeup is not my make thing

While some women can’t even think of leaving the house without spending a significant amount of time doing makeup, others don’t really see why it is so important. For them, a simple face wash and perhaps a moisturizer is enough to get them through the day! Makeup or no makeup, as long as you are feeling confident and self-assured, you are good to go. However, be sure to always wear at least sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher every day, year round.

2. I know, it won't suit me

makeup doesnt suit me

Perhaps you did experiment with makeup a few times but found the results rather disappointing. Maybe you never really felt convinced enough to try it in the first place. Whatever your situation is, it’s your choice to make. If you feel more comfortable without makeup, that is perfectly fine.

3. It is a waste of time & money

makeup is a waste of time and money

How often have you heard your ‘makeup loving’ friends complain about spending a fortune on makeup products? Or you find it rather strange how they ALWAYS need “10 more minutes” for touch-ups before you can finally head out?


Well, to be honest, beauty and skincare products can sometimes be expensive, and even a simple makeup routine may take quite a few minutes. If you choose to spend your time and money on other things, then good for you!

4. I don’t need it

dont need makeup

A number of women out there are absolutely comfortable with the way they look and don’t feel the need to use makeup daily or to enhance their features. If you’re one of those people who have no qualms about showing off their imperfect (but absolutely beautiful) skin just the way it is, then you go girl! Let no one tell you otherwise!

5. I don’t know the trick

dont know the makeup trick

Those YouTube tutorials make everything look so easy, right? The truth is, applying makeup the right way takes a little time and practice. If you really love makeup, you may be willing and patient enough to try to learn the skill.  So if you don’t know how to apply a certain product, don’t worry! All you need is a little practice and patience.

6. I sweat a lot

large pores and sweat

Sweaty skin comes with its own set of problems. Women with this kind of skin often feel apprehensive about applying makeup as they think it might not stay on their skin for long.

If this is the only thing that’s stopping you from using makeup, go for high-quality, waterproof and long-lasting cosmetic products. These can last for hours without smudging, smearing or looking messy even on sweaty skin.

7. My face feels heavy

face feels heavy with makeup

Some women find it very hard to tolerate the layer-by-layer coating of makeup products on their faces. It may make them feel uncomfortable and irritate their skin.


8. My skin is so sensitive

sensitive skin no makeup

People with sensitive skin should be very careful about what they use on it. Many women have sensitive skin. There are now many makeup products created that are specifically for those with sensitive skin. Shop carefully for makeup and read the labels for products that cater to your skin type.