Boons for ladies, heels possess this magical trance that can absorb every woman on this planet. Heels are their best friend, making them look even hotter on every occasion.

pair right heels with your dress
Hey girl! Follow our style guide for pairing the right heels with the right dress

From elevating you up from the ground to enhancing your outfit, heels have multiple roles to play. But ladies, beware! One mismatch can spoil your entire look.


We know you’re sometimes confused between the different types of heels, and what they could be best paired with. Hence, we’re here for your rescue, giving you several clothing options you may try with the various types of heels!

Ladies! Pair the Right Heels With the Right Dress

1. Pumps

Pump up your look with these classy heels

Typically low-cut from the front, pumps are simple and most preferred with heels of a height of 2 to 3 inches. Pumps are the ideal wear for formal events and rock all kinds of formal dresses, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, or pantsuits. Besides going formal, pumps suit party dresses equally well, be it short funky dresses or long trench coats.

2. Wedges

wedges heels
Wedges are the best for a casual yet stylish look

A gift in the category of heels, wedges go along with everything from a pin to an elephant (you get it, don’t you?). They are of two types: Wedge Heels where the heel is completely fused with the front structure and Wedge Sandals where it is not.
As we said, wedges go with everything from shorts, short or maxi skirts, wrap dresses, flared jeans or pants, max to gauzy fabrics, bohemian prints and styles, and some jumpsuits.

3. Peep Toes

peep toes
Flaunt your colorful nail paint these peep-toes

These amazing toe showcases complement your looks on any day you need them. If you want to highlight the funky and perky nail paint on your toenails, peep toes are your best friends!
The simplest way of pairing peep toes is to keep in mind that they look brilliant on bare legs.
Thus, any short dress, ankle-length trousers or dresses (try clothes that are figure-hugging and fitted), would look hot on peep-toes.


4. Kitten Heels

kitten heels
As cute as their name, kitten heels are a must have

Great for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of heels yet prefers some, kitten heels are also the *in* footwear of the season, complementing party looks to work events. Kitten heels look great with skinny or distressed jeans, wide leg pants, checked shirts, from shorts to flared and pencil skirts, shirt dresses or mini/midi dresses too.

5. Ankle Strap Heels

ankle strap heels
Get the bold and beautiful look with these ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are well appreciated and preferred for they augment any outfit you are wearing, from skinny jeans, cuffed fitted jeans, shorts, and denim to jogger pants and leather pants/shorts. They also go along well with shirt dresses, flared dresses, or high-neck or collar shirts/dresses.
The strap around your ankle makes the heel comfortable and helps you walk better.

6. Slingback heels

slingback heels
Pair your slingbacks with a midi dress and get going

Your happy-go-lucky mate for every event, slingback heels have a strap from the back, making them the most comfortable. The best part about them is that they go hand in hand with everything. Pair them up with midi dresses, flared skirts, or formals, and you’re good to go!

7. Stilettos

Every girls favorite is a pair of perfect stilettos

Enhancing the OOTD for every occasion, Stilettos again go with almost everything - be it formal, party, or casual. Stilettos can go as high as 8 inches and complement everyone well. Just make sure you don't wear a glittery one to work.

8. Mules

mules heels
You should definitely own a pair of mules for the classy retro look

Famous in the 90s, mules are back in fashion and a hit amongst everyone. They’re the new trendy heels that rock short flared skirts and rolled-up jeans, or just a basic tee and high-ankle jeans. They also look classy with leather jackets.