With the curls in hair hitting the top trendy chords of fashion, various hairstyles in them are bound to be engendered.

curls trends
Different styles in trend for your wild curls!

From the red carpet and runways to casual parties and office look, trends in curly hair are practiced throughout the fashion, as well as in the regular world. From bobs, shags, bangs to beach curls, corkscrew, highlights, etc., there are a tremendous number of trends one could apply.


Here we are with 15 simple styles for curly hair that will never go out of style!

1. Shags

The shags are back and looks like they're staying for good

The shags date back to 1980s and have now returned as the trendy look of the season. It’s hard to beat this hairstyle with Alanna Arrington, Zendaya’s corkscrew hair and so many others carrying the amazing look.

2. Beach curls

beach curls
Beach curls are universally adored by celebrities

The beach curls are the patient manual layering of curls that would have happened due to the effect of ocean water on your hair, had you been on the beach. It’s frizzy and pretty. This is one of the best ways to manage long curly hair.

3. Pinned back hair

pinned back
If you are running late, simply pin back your curls stylishly

The pinned back hair is one of the easiest and time-saving hairstyles. One great hack to avoid your hair spilling over your face is to tie them, but smartly so that they also look trendy and hot.


4. Funky colored curls

Add some color to your curls and amp up the heat

Rihanna’s look is no less than the super-hot quotient. The trend of painting your curls red is the most popular of the season.

You might as well try going for funky colors that suit your face complexion. Ombre is another hit these days.

5. Bob cut

bob cut
Luscious curls and chic bob gives you a stunning hairstyle

A lot of people wonder how their curly hair would look if they shorten it - well here you go! The bob cut looks all wacky and smart on curly hair!

6. Side braids

side braided
Side braids are perfect for messy curls

Probably the best kind of side braids on curly hair, although this hairstyle takes effort and time to make, it’s evidently and totally worth it!

7. One-sided

one sided
Sweep your curls to one side for this sophisticated look

This one-sided sophisticated look goes a long way in history but is still very much *in* in this curly-hair season.

8. Partially pinned down

pinned down
Tame your curls just partially for this graceful look

Yet another graceful look, the curls are elegantly and partially pinned down in the mid and left naturally free on the sides.


9. Shakira curls

Get Shakira's exotic curls for the ultimate style diva look

And then, we have the Shakira curls! Oh, this beautiful, ageless woman only leaves her hair naturally flowing—enough to capture every heart’s eye!

10. Messy Dytto curls

If your curls are messy, then this is just the look for you

The messy Dytto hairstyle has forever been admired by every dancer in the world. The curls are messy yet sexy in their own way.

11. Curls & bangs

This adorable combination has been in trend for quite some time now

Can you have bangs in curly hair?

Of course, you can! The curly bangs covering your forehead and dropping on sides render a look that is absolutely adorable.


12. Buns

Messy buns are perfect for your unruly curls

Molding your curly hair up in buoyant buns give you all the more shine and grace.

13. Topknot & ponytail

Combining topknot and ponytail will never go out of style

This is a blend of a topknot and a ponytail and looks super dope with extreme frizzy curls.

14. Ringlets

Ringlets or corkscrews will always be "in"

These complete ringlets look insanely amazing on extreme curls, providing a funky look.

15. Highlighted corkscrew

Highlight your curls to add shine to them

Nicki Minaj carrying the highlighted corkscrew hair look is as *in* fashion as ever. The highlights are in the ombre fashion.