Today, there are so many things that we need daily wherever we go. Thanks to huge handbags and purses, we’re almost able to fit our closet into them for our everyday use. Remember Aladdin and his Magical Lamp? How he could find everything, he wanted through his beloved lamp! Well, my handbag is my magical lamp!  Just as it is with many women.

Handbags are a girl's best friend

Knowing the right things to carry in your handbag, you'd be ready for any event or activity. Being organized and managed with respect to what you're carrying with you every day, works like a savior, often pulling you out of tricky situations and giving ease for your daily needs.


Here are certain must-haves you should have in your handbag all the time:

1. Hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer
Stay hygienic and carry hand sanitizer

It is necessary for you to always have good hygiene and clean hands. With a hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial wipes in your bag, you wouldn’t have to struggle to find water when you’re away from home.

2. A compact mirror

compact mirror
Compact mirrors for emergency touch up

Imagine someone telling you that you have something on your face, but you're stuck inside a packed auditorium with a play going on. Where would you then go looking for a mirror? The obvious solution is that you had a compact, sleek mirror inside your handbag. They are convenient and would save your time to make sure you look just fine.

3. Face wipes

Carry face wipes to refresh your face

Face wipes are cleansing, but they can also be refreshing when you are exhausted. They are a must to carry.


4. Phone

It is safer to carry the cellphone in your handbag

Of course, this is one thing we cannot live without. Keep your phone safely inside your handbag. This will protect it from being dropped or broken and out of the reach of pickpocketers in crowded places.

5. Credit cards and other important cards

Never forget to carry your important cards

Credit cards and other important cards, including your ID, are must-haves in your handbag. Keep them in a separate holder if you like, but make sure you have all your necessary cards with you.

6. A notepad and a pen

pen and notepad
To encourage the Picasso or Wordsworth in you

Having a small notepad and pen with you is always helpful in case you want to pen down your thoughts when they strike your mind, write reminders, or things that may come up for which you need quick access to pen and paper.

7. Sanitary pad/tampons

It's always better to be prepared

Menstrual cycles can sometimes be unpredictable. Always carry extra sanitary pads or tampons with you. It is always better to keep extra; who knows if your friend might need it.

8. Zippered pouches

zipper bags
Tiny utility bags

Your handbag should have a couple of small zippered pouches for the following:

  • Emergency pouch: Contains things that might help you during an emergency or heal a fix in a jiffy. For instance, you must have a safety pin, bobby pin, hair tie/clip, a pair of small scissors, small nail clippers, and a hairbrush or comb.
  • Medicine pouch: Encompasses everything you might need while in an urgent situation. For example, Band-Aids, general pain-killers, ORS sachet/glucose, and medicine (as per your needs).
  • Cosmetics pouch: Should comprise sunscreen, lip balm, make-up, hand lotion, perfume,  etc.

9. Sunglasses

Never forget your shades

A classy accessory, in addition to being a protective one for your sensitive eyes.
Remember the last time you were out traveling to work amidst severe sunlight and scorching heat and how you incurred a headache by the end of the day with burning eyes. Well, avoid this from happening again. Don’t forget to keep a pair of sunglasses in your handbag on a bright, sunny day.


10. Power bank

power bank
You never know when your phone might run out of battery

Always have a power bank or portable charger in your purse in case your phone’s battery dies out in the middle of the day. Also, do not forget to recharge your power bank every night.

11. Pepper spray

pepper spray
Safety first, ladies!

It is a good safety precaution for all women to carry a pepper spray to ensure their safety. Order a pepper spray online if you do not have one because it may help you get out of a dangerous situation one day.

12. Condoms

You are equally responsible for precaution

You are as much responsible as your other half is, so always carry an extra condom for unpredictable situations.

13. Extra cash

The emergency cash

Always, always carry extra cash in a hidden pocket of your handbag. You never know what emergency you may land into with no cards or digital transaction working.


14. A small healthy snack

For sudden hunger pangs

It is a smart decision to always keep a light, healthy snack in your handbag to replenish your hunger. Always keep a bag of nuts, crackers, or a protein bar in your handbag. You never know when you may need a little snack or a meeting may take longer than expected. So it’s a good idea to have a little something to help you out throughout the day in between meals.

15. Earphones/headphones or some novels

Save yourself from getting bored

Depending on your choice, you may carry earphones, novella book, or both to save yourself from boredom while traveling or waiting on a meeting or appointment.