When someone looks at you, your hair is the first part to get attention, no matter how beautiful your eyes are. Your hair is a very important element of your appearance and contributes to the impression you make.

While a good hairstyle will complete your look, a haphazard one can ruin an otherwise smart and elegant look. Hairstyles not only enhance your beauty but also reflect your personal taste.

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Learn how to tie your hair in 5 different styles

Doing your hair every day can be too much work. But there are a lot of easy and quick hairstyles that you can try by yourself to elevate your style and appeal. Because hair, too, can make a statement! It is called the “crowning glory” for a reason!

Yes, it is important to always look presentable. But with the fast-paced and challenging life that everyone lives, who has the time to do complicated braids and buns? Wearing a different hairstyle every day - and doing it right - is another challenge!

Not to mention, you have to make sure that your hairstyle suits the shape of your face and the outfit you are wearing. That is just a lot to think of and do!

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will complement any face shape?


Need it suitable for a casual yet classy look? Do you have only a few minutes to spare for a hairdo? Are you a beginner in the art of hairstyling? Fret no more! It’s time to throw your hair dilemma outside the window!

How to Style Your Hair in 5 Different Ways

Here we tell you how to tie your hair in five different styles for beginners! Try them all and thank us later!

Hairstyle 1: Twist and turn ponytail

This is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn to any occasion, whether it is a formal meeting or a night out. This is one of the classics that never go out of style. Elevate your usual ponytail a notch higher with these steps, while letting your hair flow down your back effortlessly.

twist and turn ponytail
Style your hair into this simple yet charming ponytail

Step 1: Make a normal low ponytail using a hair band.

Step 2: Divide the hair above your hair band (2-3 inches) into two sections and create a hole.

Step 3: Grab your ponytail, twist and turn it, and insert it down the hole of the divided section.


Step 4: Make sure the flowing hair looks nice. You may use a brush or a little water to control your locks.

Hairstyle 2: Knotted ponytail

You can do a lot with your average ponytail, not just twist and turn. You can create an amazing look by knotting your hair, too. This edgy and chic hairstyle is also appropriate for any occasion.

knotted ponytail
A chic and edgy style for any time and anyplace

Step 1: Divide your hair into two equal sections.

Step 2: Grab both sections and make a knot. But, make sure not tie too tight just use pressure.


Step 3: Make another knot after the first one. You can make several knots if your hair is long or according to your liking.

Step 3: Secure the knotted ponytail with a hair band.

You can do a center knot or a side knot as you wish.

Hairstyle 3: Twisted section ponytail

Do you always end up in a bun on days when your hair is a little frizzy? Try this hairstyle, and you’ll never have a bad hair day ever again! It may only take you a couple of minutes, but you will look very well groomed. This simple, classic look can be your everyday hairstyle, too!

twisted section ponytail
Twisted section ponytail is perfect for a bad hair day

Step 1: Make a side ponytail.

Step 2: Divide the hair above your hair band (2-3 inches) into two sections and make a hole in the middle.


Step 3: Just like what you did in the knotted ponytail, grab your ponytail, twist and turn it, and insert it down the hole of the divided section.

Step 4: Secure with a hair band around three inches down the twist.

Step 5: Repeat the same steps according to the length of your hair.

Hairstyle 4: Knotted man bun

The secret to rocking the knotted hair is in the art of making the right knot. We’ll show you just how to do that! This knotted man bun is a popular choice because of its timeless beauty and simplicity. 

knotted man bun
A classy and timeless hairstyle

Step 1: Divide your hair into two sections horizontally.

Step 2: Grab the upper-half section and twist your hair out to the ends.

Step 3: Make a knot out of the twisted hair.

Step 4: Use bobby pins to secure the knot.

Hairstyle 5: Mickey Mouse buns

This Disney-inspired hairstyle is the best to opt for in the summers and a perfect one for a natural and casual look.

mickey mouse bun
Try this funky hairstyle

Step 1: Divide the hair vertically into two halves.

Step 2: Grab the left section and make an incomplete ponytail (do not pull your hair all the way through the hair band) so that it looks like a tiny bun.

Step 3: Twist the remaining hair from the incomplete ponytail out to the ends.

Step 4: Wrap the twisted hair around that tiny bun.


Step 5: Secure the end of the hair with bobby pins.

Step 6: Repeat the same steps for the right section of hair.

Make sure the Mickey buns are even and cohesive.

Ponytails and buns top the list of easy-to-do hairstyles that never go out of trend. These hairstyles are extremely versatile and can be pepped up in numerous ways to complement your outfit and makeup.

You only need a little twist and turn here and there. Give these hairstyles a try, and you’ll definitely look amazing!

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have fine or thin hair, use a big round brush when blow-drying. You may use a small styling brush to back brush at your roots until you get your desired look. These techniques will add a little volume to the roots.
  • If you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can use cornstarch as the dry shampoo to remove the grease. Just sprinkle cornstarch on your roots and give your hair a quick tousle.
  • You can also dab the roots of your hair with tissue paper to soak up some of the oils if necessary.
  • Use hair products to a minimum. Reserve your styling mousse, volumizing products, hair sprays, and hair gels for important and special occasions. Go au naturel to avoid hair damage and to look fresh and effortless.
  • Use natural hair masks to make your hair thick, smooth, and glossy.
  • Get frequent haircuts in order to avoid split ends causing knots and hair breakage.
  • Do not knot or tie your hair too tight. That can break your hair strands, resulting in hair loss.