“Life is good in a pair of heels.” The fact is heels give you confidence, the right attitude, and a sense of pride whenever you wear them. You cannot deny that heels empower women. They make your legs look slimmer and longer, and of course, you look taller in them. Heels definitely add sophistication and elegance to your look.

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Learn all about the different kinds of heels- 24 types classified into 7 categories

Have you just graduated from wearing flats and sneakers? Are you still trying to understand the new world of girl power and wearing heels? Do you want to look confident like the Hollywood stars you always admired?


Here we have broken down all the essentials that you need to know before you put on your favorite stilettos. We will help you choose the best heels for different events and occasions so you can rock your OOTDs. From the trendiest, wackiest, and most comfortable to the most versatile, most vintage, and the hottest collection of heels - this will be your go-to guide. After reading this article, we can guarantee that you’ll turn out to be a pro!

So, here are 24 types of heels that have been classified into seven categories.

1. Trendiest in town!

For a classy and fashionable style, these heels are the best
  • Peep Toes - These heels have been one of the trendiest ones for a long time now. Give a peep show of your cute toes or funky colored toenails by wearing these. An even better style is to make sure that your nail polish complements your dress. You will definitely look hotter.
  • Mules - Mules are super hot right now! They are very comfortable, but you still look put together. These new trendy heels can be paired with leather jackets for a classy and cool look, but you can also rock them with casual pieces, such as short flared skirts, rolled-up jeans, or just your basic tee and high-ankle jeans.
  • Cut-Out Heels - Very stylish and popular nowadays, cut-out heels have become a fashion favorite. Their cut-out design that delicately hugs your feet and sometimes the ankles too is simply neat and pretty but also edgy. They look hot on all types of outfits.
  • Comma Heels - Usually spotted on the runway and the red carpet, comma heels are well-known for their unusual but rather unique comma-shaped heels. They are shorter than regular heels and give a classy yet sexy look.
  • Corset Heels - Among the season’s best picks, corset heels complement any casual outfit, just as denim. The right one will also look great with formal wear.

2. Comfort and style in one!

Heels that are comfortable yet stylish
  • Wedges - Wear wedges with just about anything, and they will take care of the rest. Although they are elevated, your weight is equally distributed throughout your foot, thus, providing good balance and utmost comfort.
  • Block Heels - Block heels provide support and allow a more even distribution of weight. Hence, they tend to be far comfier than other heels.
  • Platform Heels - A lot of people mistake platform heels for wedges, but platforms are heels that are also thick and chunky at the front of the shoe, making it very comfortable to walk around, unlike your regular pointed shoes. They also allow more elevation without having to stand on your toes too much.

3. Too hot for the season!

Pep up the night with any of these hot heels
  • Pointed Pumps - These are your regular no-fuss pumps but with pointed toes for added sophistication.
  • Knife Heels - These heels are like your pointed pumps except they are way more pointed and longer like a knife. They are best paired with an LBD, or any formal wear for that killer look!
  • Chunky Heels - These type of heels have a wide square base that is chunkier than that of stilettos, providing great stability. The chunky heel gives off a retro but sexy vibe. They go along well with formal or party dresses.

4. Versatility at its peak!

If you want heels that can go with almost anything
  • Stilettos - Stilettos go with almost everything, be it formal, party, or casual. They will instantly level up your OOTD! A single pair of black stilettos or nude ones can cover you up for ANY event whatsoever.
  • Pumps - Pumps are simple looking but are the most preferred heels by women. They are ideal for formal events and can be paired with all kinds of outfit: formal dresses, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, pantsuits, party dresses, or long trench coats.
  • Sling-Back Heels - Great with any outfit, sling-back heels make your ankles visible and are also one of the most versatile heels you could possess in your wardrobe.

5. Wackiest of ’em all!

For the Lady Gaga in you
  • Fantasy Heels - These completely crazy and out-of-the-box heels are the wackiest of the lot and are perfect for the most outlandish of occasions. If you and Lady Gaga have the same fashion sense, then you are probably in for the funkiest styles, too!
  • Stacked Heels - The word "stacked" refers to the layered construction of the heel. Perfect for a night out, stacked heels look good on maxi dresses, shorts, and skirts. They are a hybrid of stilettos and wedges and can totally pass for a wacky description!
  • Prism Heels - Prism heels look bright and shiny with their prism-like look, whether in the heel only or the entire shoe. They are a little unusual you might say, but they are meant to catch your eye or complement an everyday or minimalist outfit. These heels are so fashion forward!

6. Sophistication at its finest! 

Perfect for that first date
  • Ankle-Strap Heels - These heels have a strap at the ankle to secure your shoes and make you comfortable, and they are impeccable if you demand both elegance and stability from your high heels. Ankle-strap heels also go with all sorts of dresses and skirts, ankle-length trousers, jeans, and capris.
  • Kitten Heels - The synonym of sophistication, kitten heels are the “in” footwear of the season. From parties to work events, you can never go wrong with kitten heels.
  • Cone Heels - Cone-shaped heels provide remarkable stability. They also spell grace and sophistication. They go well with formals, midi skirts, mini-skirts, and even sporty dresses.

7. Vintage vibe! 

The charm of times gone by
  • Gladiator Heels - These lace-up shoes have ancient roots and are inspired by the footwear of rulers and pharaohs from the pages of history. The lace design ranges from knee length and ankle length to calf length. Usually adorned with zippers, buckles, studs, and embroidery, gladiators are very fashionable with a neoclassical vibe.
  • French Heels - A popular fashion piece from the Victorian era, these sandals are usually laced and will definitely make you feel like a royal.
  • Oxford Heels - Oxfords are traditionally looking closed shoes that offer maximum comfort and style.
  • Spool Heels - A lot like French heels, spools are something you’d find the Queen wearing in the streets of the UK. They are wide at the top and bottom and narrow in the middle. So if you want to look like a queen, you know what shoes to slip into.

Say “no to drugs”; get high on heels!

So chase your dreams, girl, but in high heels, of course!