It doesn't matter how much I travel; nothing beats the excitement of an upcoming trip. Naturally, I spend so long looking forward to each weekend getaway and summer holiday, that I want to look and feel at my best. But so often, in the rush of getting away, our hair and skincare routines can quickly be forgotten.

After I've spent so long, and so much money, on skin and hair treatments throughout the year to get both looking their best. It seems crazy that I too often slip up at the last minute and end up suffering from breakouts, oily skin, dry patches, and even sunburn! It's the last thing any of us want, especially when all we can think about is getting that perfect Insta-selfie by the pool sipping on cocktails!

Some essential tips on how to look fresh and beautiful while traveling

It's so easy to maintain my skincare routine when I'm at home and have all my products within reach, but as soon as I step outside of that routine, it always falls apart. It's easy to forget that our skin is the most exposed part of our body and is the first part to be affected by any change in our surroundings or climate.

I often find that travel can mean sacrificing my skincare routine to fit my luggage allowance, and when I'm having fun, the last thing I'm thinking about is taking my make-up off before bed. After spending months making sure my skin and hair remain hydrated and glowing, it can take just a few days to leave it dry, rough and damaged from exposure to the sun. But who wants to deal with this on holiday?

After four years of traveling the globe, I refused to believe travel and beauty could only exist exclusively from each other. Instead, I strived to find a combination of the two that would complement the other and allow me to make the most of every moment, while not sacrificing all my hard work. It's no easy task to maintain a routine, but with these simple tips, all of us can feel confident and beautiful. No matter if we're heading onto a day-trip, a weekend getaway or an extended vacation.

Here are my travel beauty survival tips to help keep your skin flawless whenever and wherever you travel. Get ready to look fresh and beautiful while traveling:


1. Preparation is the key if you want your skin to be travel-ready!

Just like you prepare yourself for the vacation, prepare your skin as well

When planning your trip, remember preparing your skin for your trip is vital to ensuring it is travel-ready. I always avoid any big changes in my skin routine before a holiday, sticking to products I know and can rely on. With sensitive skin, it's important to keep your skin balanced and hydrated to avoid any adverse reactions to the change in weather and humidity. In the days before I travel, I always make sure to use hydrating masks, hair masks and to buff and scrub my skin, so they are all at their best.

2. Stock your beauty bag full of your favorite products

beauty bag
Don't forget to pack your beauty bag

If you have limited luggage allowance, be smart about which beauty products you pack. Make a list, so you don't forget anything and use travel size bottles to save on space. I always try to use multi-purpose products, perhaps a cleanser that also tones, or a scrub that doubles as a mask. Make sure to take an exfoliating product with you and plenty of moisturizer. If you're going to be in the sun a lot, your skin will thank you for this decision. A dry shampoo is also great for keeping your hair oil-free if you don't want to wash it daily.

3. Hydration is vital to skin success

Keep drinking water for a glowing skin

So many tend to avoid drinking water when traveling to avoid the grotty bathrooms, but this is actually the time when your body needs to stay hydrated the most. You need to give your body the hydration that it needs. I always try to drink plenty of water when traveling to avoid headaches and dry, dull skin. I try to make sure I carry a refillable bottle with me at all times and make sure to fill it up at water stations around the airport. It reminds me to drink more water and saves me money at the same time by not having to buy bottled water every time.

4. Avoid travel dryness by staying moisturized

Keep your skin moisturized

There's nothing worse than arriving at your hotel after a day of flying with dry, flaky skin. You can get your skin travel-ready and arrive at your destination with fresh, glowing skin with a little bit of planning. A day or two before I fly, I always apply a moisturizing mask to hydrate and rejuvenate my skin. Then I put my regular moisturizer on the night and morning before I travel to keep your skin looking vibrant. I also keep the moisturizer with me when I travel to reapply every few hours to give my skin a hydrating boost.

5. Never step out without sun protection

Always keep your sunscreen handy

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling to Norway or Thailand, your skin will need protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The level of protection you use is up to you, but remember your sunscreen will protect against tanning, sunburn, and early signs of aging. I find that some sunscreens can be greasy and strong smelling, so often I'll avoid these unless I'm going to the beach. I much prefer to use lighter sprays on my skin, and moisturizers with factor 20-30 protection for my face. Try different products to find the ones that are right for you.

6. Let your skin breathe on travel days

no makeup
Go makeup free on the day you travel

When you face long days of travel, use the opportunity to let your skin breathe by going make-up free and avoid clogging those pores with dirt, dust, and grime. I love having make-up free days and just letting my skin get some air. It's a good way to avoid breakouts and irritation. I always plump for clear, hydrated skin with nothing but a slick of moisturizer on travel days, preferring to save my make-up for glamorous nights. Always pack a cleanser to clean away all the muck and keep skin fresh.


7. Blot away oily skin sins

blot oil
Remove excess oil to keep your skin clear

You may not be prone to oily skin, but like me, you may find that travel days will turn your skin into an oil slick from all the dirt. Packing blotting papers or rice papers can be a great way to remove the oil from your skin but not stripping out the moisture.

8. Put the sparkle back in your eyes

Keep applying eye cream to prevent looking tired

Long journeys mean air-conditioned flights, dry, recycled air, involving a lot of reading and watching movies. Often I'll arrive at my destination with red, puffy eyes which is never a good look. Packing eye-drops is a must for long journeys and can help soothe your eyes, while a cold towel or cucumber slices can help reduce dark circles. I always apply one of these on the first night of the holiday and instantly feel refreshed. Don't forget to keep applying your eye cream to avoid skin dryness or fine lines.

9. Stay hands-free to prevent breakouts

hand free
Avoid touching your face directly with your hands9. Stay hands-free to avoid breakouts

Everything you touch is covered in bacteria, and when you touch your face, these nasty germs can cause irritation and breakouts. It's one of my worst habits, but one that you can easily break by ensuring you wash your hands or use a sanitizer first. Or use a tissue as a barrier between your hands and your skin. I always try to carry these in my hand luggage to stay as germ-free as possible.

10. Keep clothing light and loose to protect your skin

comfort clothes
Comfort clothes help you enjoy your vacation more and also allow your skin to breathe

Comfort is the priority when it comes to travel, and that applies to dressing up for air travel as well. Tight clothing can cause irritation, itching, rashes, infections, skin allergies, and heat bumps. No-one wants to arrive on holiday with red, blotchy skin, so choose wisely. Whether it's your outfit for the plane, or you're getting active during your trip, select your outfit wisely.


11. Don't miss out on your beauty sleep

You can never miss your beauty sleep

Holidays can sometimes mean different time-zones, jet-lag and late nights. While I always want to make the most of my time when I travel, I understand the importance of sleep. Not only does it revitalizes me both mentally and physically, but it improves my complexion, glow and gets rid of those puffy, tired eyes.

12. Eat to stay hydrated

eat hydrate
Eat healthy and avoid processed food during your vacation

It can be easy for holidays to be one cheat meal after another but don't forget, you can eat your way to hydration! Dehydration really affects me in hot countries, so I try to make sure I eat meals filled with juicy fruits and veggies, soups and fresh juices to keep my body hydrated. Avoiding foods with large quantities of salt and preservatives is a good idea as these can dehydrate you further and cause bloating.

13. Say no to long-lasting lipsticks

For healthy and plump lips try to avoid long-lasting lipsticks during your trip

Avoid dehydrated and parched lips by plumping for a lip balm or gloss instead of long-lasting lipsticks. Or, if, like me, you love a bold lip, why not wear them over your normal lipstick or balm? This way you don't compromise on hydration but still get to look fabulous!

14. Love your locks and protect them

Not just your skin, even your hair needs protection

It's easy to forget your hair but it too can be affected by travel, the sun, salt, and air conditioning can all dry out your locks leaving them looking dull. Use sun protection sprays to protect against UVA and UVB rays, or cover with a scarf or hat while sightseeing. If your hair gets oily easily like mine, but you don't want to wash it daily, why not use dry shampoo to make it last an extra day, or style it in cute braids.

15. Keep your nails natural and healthy

clean nails
Chipped nail polish gives an impression of unkempt nails

Why waste time on chipped and stained nails on your holidays? Try a natural, healthy look and focus on the things that really matter, like cocktails on the beach! I always buff and polish my nails in neutral, simple colors for an elegant and easily maintained look when I'm heading on holiday.

Following your beauty routine can be a challenge when you travel, but putting in a little effort and keeping my tips in mind will help make maintaining your skin and hair care routine stress-free. Wherever you go, always make your beauty routine travel with you!