So basically, there is a criteria for the hottest trends, most precisely the reasons why one should follow them:

  1. They are hot (and sexy)
  2. They are everywhere (just EVERYWHERE)
  3. They are unique (or not)
  4. They are stylish (worn by style icons)
  5. They look great on you (everything is psychological, you know?)
  6. ... well, why not?!
intro trends
Read on to know the hottest fashion trends that everyone is talking about

Also, are you a person who wants to be always in the know? We understand that going with the trend is important but also complicated, for you need to be updated with just EVERYTHING. From knowing what the hottest celebrities are wearing to window shopping at different fashion outlets - you got to keep up with the fast pace of trends! Time is money, you see?


But worry not! As we have always kept you updated with the latest trends in everything, here is yet another list of the eleven hottest trends that you should know right now in this ever-dynamic world!

If you are wondering what that snake like texture in lockets is or what the latest unique makeup trend is, then this article will spill everything. You’d finally understand why every jewel features nature these days (well, nature is beautiful, isn’t it?).

Read on to know about the eleven hottest fashion trends that everyone is talking about, have a great time, and rock the latest trend, girl!

1. Micro Bags

micro bag
These micro bags are fashion statements

Ever heard of the saying “cute things come in small packages”? Well, leave behind just cute; micro bags are the trendiest things that come in the smallest of packages. Yes, they are the same little bags you see every celebrity carrying around to every award ceremony, party, or show. The thing with micro bags is that you are challenged to carry only the necessary stuff and not your entire closet in your handbag. Thus, micro bags simply take the humungous weights off your shoulder and at the same time make your look stylish and adorable.


2. Tropical Jewelry

Tropical jewelry is absolutely in these days

Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, you will definitely love the tropical-inspired jewelry that is so hot right now! Designs vary from rainforests and palm trees to oceans, feathers, parrots, butterflies, and flamingos. The tropical design possibilities for resplendent jewelry are limitless.

3. Animal Prints

animal print
You have got to own animal prints

From dresses, bags, and footwear to jewelry, accessories, and frames of glasses, animal print is EVERYWHERE. Trust us when we say EVERYWHERE. If you don’t have at least one item in animal print in your house, you’re probably not living in the 21st century!

4. Holographic Designs

Holographic designs stand out

Are you in love with the trending holographic designs? Because if you aren’t yet, you will be when you see almost everyone using them just everywhere!

You can spot them in chokers, earrings, pendants, necklaces, lockets, and bracelets to makeup bags, clutches, small purses, umbrellas, and even clothes! They are going places!

5. Translucent Jewelry

Translucent jewelry is classy

Rings with translucent and shiny birthstones (or other stones) or pearl-type necklaces are always fashionable. These statement pieces are subtle and simple yet elegant.

6. Rainbow Makeup

rainbow makeup
Add a riot of colors to your look

Have you also drooled over how Jade from Little Mix looked with rainbow eyelashes, lipstick, and nail polish? If you have (because why wouldn’t you?), rainbow makeup with its colorful patterns and texture is definitely worth a try!


7. Hoops Design

Hoops go with almost everything

Ever seen crescent-shaped earrings? Or metallic spiral danglers? What about the different geometric-shaped (pentagram/triangular earrings) ear accessories? Oh, or the gold round earrings with one circle inside the other? Yep, we’re talking about the most popular hoops! They are basically loops, where one end is continuous with its other half. Trust us, they are trendy AF!

8. Couple Jewelry

Inscribe your love

Have you come across bracelets or rings with the inscriptions “his forever” and “hers forever”? How about accessories with love messages, or puzzle jewelry that forms a heart when placed together, or the famous lock and key design? They are undoubtedly super cute, right? These ornaments always come in pairs and are designed for couples. They are so adorable that they make you want to get committed if you’re not already! If you are single, couple jewelry is perfect for besties, too!

9. Smokey Eyes

Go for the smokey effect

The most trendy makeup craze today is to get your eyes all smoked up (with makeup, of course)! The different eyeshadow colors vary from the traditional black, silver, grey, gold, and blue to the now trending ombre and a mix of shades, such as the black and grey combination, blue with a tinge of sparkly silver, dark and light pink combo, and different shades of green, just to name a few. Smokey eyes look as hot as ever!

10. Handmade Jewelry

Try some handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry is the kind of jewelry that is always in fashion - ALWAYS. Not only are they very affordable (or cost nothing at all, for most of them can be made at home), but they also come in infinite shapes, designs, textures, and forms! They go well with every outfit and can definitely bring your OOTD to the next level!


11. Sheer Dresses

Sheer dresses are classic and stylish

Sheer dresses right now are one of the biggest trends. From light nets to organza fabrics they are all in the rage. Lightweight sheer dresses help you look effortlessly stylish. You can pair delicate sheer tops with contrast colored spaghetti or go for deep colored or printed sheer dresses that have less of the see-through intensity.